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Leaders Network International is an Apostolic Movement on a mission to build genuine Biblical relationships globally between churches, leaders and ministries who share common beliefs, values and purpose. We desire to be both a declaration, and a demonstration, of the Kingdom of God through our friendships and partnership.      

We encourage development of Teams locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. We have a number of teams that meet regularly in cities and towns in various nations. Our passion is to see local leaders establish teams across the nations, interacting spheres of influence based on genuine personal relationship. We have LNI leaders in 24 countries, identified by the above flags. National leaders conferences are held annually in several countries.


Leaders Network International


Stand in Faith

Hi LNI Family, we're continuing to pray for you as we move through this challenging time. It's been so good to connect with many of you individually through this week via social media platforms.  Do stay in good contact with your church communities and also with each other via whatsapp etc.

In so many countries larger public gatherings... read more

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