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Leaders Network International is an Apostolic Movement with a mission to connect churches, leaders and ministries who share common beliefs and values, helping them to develop genuine Biblical relationships. We seek to serve and encourage each other and advance the Kingdom of God through our friendships and partnership.       

We encourage leaders to establish teams across their nations and spheres of influence, based on genuine personal relationships and we have teams that meet regularly in cities and towns in various countries. LNI currently has leaders in 26 countries, identified by the above flags. National leaders conferences are held annually in several countries.


Leaders Network International



Hi LNI family,

Major challenges are continuing around the world. From India to Africa and every other country there are floods, tornados and storms occurring. Chaos, riots, lawlessness, people living in fear and confusion. Covid issues, health issues, lack of provision. The list seems to be endless.

I’ve been hearing stories f... read more

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