LNI Greetings

Posted: 2/23/2023

Hi LNI Family,
Hope you are having a blessed week.
Thank you for all your prayers and messages. I am continuing to recover at a speedy rate.
The doctors and physios are all well pleased with my progress and we Praise God for strengthening me and bringing about good recovery. I am moving well (albeit at a slower rate than before my surgery) and I am able to work a few hours every day.
I know many of you are also facing health challenges and we are praying you will experience healing miracles from the Lord.
We are also praying for financial breakthroughs for many of you in family/church life.
On Saturday 4th March the LNI Ghana / West Africa conference will be taking place. Also we have an LNI Oceania conference taking place in New Zealand from 9th - 11th March. We are praying and believing for these to be powerful times of blessing, refreshing and impartation.
Have a powerful weekend.
Love and blessings,

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