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Hi LNI Family,

Hope this finds you well.

Praise God for the outstanding time we had at the LNI Oceania Conference held in Melbourne last week. The Lord moved powerfully and attendees were blessed, challenged, encouraged and refreshed.

We are grateful for all that the Lord is doing in our global LNI Family, now functioning in 20 countries. Leaders from India and Nepal have joined our ever growing 
LNI family and we are really blessed with so many dynamic leaders in our LNI family.

We are receiving numerous enquiries from leaders in other nations who are seeking to join our family. We have an established protocol which ensures that all these enquirers are initially connected with a recognised National or Regional LNI leader. They then begin to build genuine relationships which can lead to them becoming members of LNI. As there are so many wanting to connect with us Burt Murdoch, who pastors West City Christian Church in Melbourne, has taken the role of initial response to these enquries and directing people to our National leaders. This has lifted a load off me administrationally. He can be contacted at burtm@johncairns.org.

It has been very sad to hear about the floods that have severely damaged houses and crops in Malawi and Mozambique (which has also now endured other adverse weather killing hundreds of people). A couple of photos are attached. I've been in contact with Paul Green in Malawi and we are looking at ways to raise practical support for those members of LNI who have been affected, along with helping the various communities. If you'd like to support please let us know.

Please also continue to pray for those living in Christchurch, NZ as they come to grips with the recent shooting tragedy. I'm aware that such horiffic events occur 
often in many places but this is an infamous first for New Zealand which has devastated the whole nation.

Many of our leaders are continuing to battle long term illness and they value your prayers and support.

Praying often for you all,

Love and belssings,