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Update March 2019


Hi to all our (growing) LNI family.
Hope you are all well.
I'm so blessed to hear from many of you via the various social media platforms.
Since the beginning of this year we've moved to another level in terms of leaders wanting to join our LNI family.
Several pastors from India have joined, being ably led by Victor Polepalli, with many others going through the Application process.
Pastors are also joining us from other countries through connections with existing LNI family members.
This weekend, March 10 - 12 we are holding our Annual LNI Australasian Conference here in Melbourne.
We are believing for a powerful time as we meet together.
I know that LNI conferences are planned in other countries this year. Please keep us informed of the details so we can keep the whole LNI family updated.
Several leaders and their families are battling health issues so please pray for major miracles to occur.
Check out our web site on a regular basis.
Do stay in good contact with eachother and pray that the Lord will continue to direct, guide and bless every member.