Posted: 8/19/2020

Hi LNI Family,
Hope you are all continuing to do well during this season of challenge. Praise God for all he continues to do despite the Corona Virus. We are hearing of growth and increase from many of our leaders.
In Uganda people are being saved and churches planted. This week several leaders from Malawi joined our LNI Family.
Of course, I am also aware of the many challenges being faced in terms of finances, general provision, health and so on. We pray daily for you all, believing that you will experience great provision from Jehovah Jireh.
I've been blessed by the recent online Zoom meetings. It's been great to connect with LNI leaders in India, Malawi and Oceania.
This Friday 21st August we will be holding a Zoom meeting for all African LNI leaders at 7pm AEST. Please check with Google for the time in your country. This will be a short online meeting for leaders to connect and encourage each other.
The Link will be emailed and put on the LNI International whatsapp group.
This is only for LNI leaders so please do not publish the link on public social media platforms.
Be blessed and stay encouraged, God is still ruling and reigning.

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