Posted: 4/6/2022

Hi LNI Family,

Greetings from an autumnal Melbourne.

It is so good to have contact with many of you via text, email, and various social media platforms. I want to commend you all as you continue to faithfully serve the Lord in this challenging season. Many of you are facing huge challenges in health, finances, general provision and so on, and I pray often that you will experience the provision of the Lord in all every area.

Our recent online Conference in India went well. It was good to connect again with several leaders there and encourage them as they continue to advance the Kingdom of God in India. Our next LNI online Conference will be in Malawi on the 7th May. It is such a blessing to be able to connect globally through these online conferences.

No doubt you are busily planning into your Easter church activities, and we pray that you will experience the wisdom and direction of Holy Spirit as you seek to experience the manifested power of God, impacting as many people as possible.

Do keep in good contact with other LNI leaders in your area and region. Stay encouraged. The Lord is with you. He will never forsake you. You can boldly say, “the Lord is my Helper.”

Love and blessings,



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