LNI Zoom Meetings

Posted: 11/8/2020

Hi LNI Family,

Hope you all had a really blessed weekend.

Despite ongoing restrictions due to the virus I know that so many of you have been creative in ensuring your churches can still connect.

I am also aware of the many challenges being faced by numerous LNI leaders globally. We are continuing to pray for major breakthrou...

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LNI October Update

Posted: 10/25/2020

Hi LNI Family,

Hope you all had a blessed and encouraging weekend.

As we continue to walk through this crazy season, I pray often for you all, believing with you for the Lord’s blessing and favour to be upon you. I really appreciate hearing from so many of you via email, Messenger, Facebook and WhatsApp.

The LNI Ghana ...

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October Greetings

Posted: 9/30/2020

Hope you are all doing well as we begin another month.

Here in Melbourne we continue to experience major 'virus' restrictions - but God is at work.

We have seen him touch many lives through our Ministry, in both spiritual and practical ways. We are also hearing of many exciting things God is doing through our LNI Family globally.

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Posted: 8/19/2020

Hi LNI Family,
Hope you are all continuing to do well during this season of challenge. Praise God for all he continues to do despite the Corona Virus. We are hearing of growth and increase from many of our leaders.
In Uganda people are being saved and churches planted. This week several leaders from Malawi joined our LNI Family.
Of course,...

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Stand Firm

Posted: 6/14/2020

Hi LNI family,

I hope you are doing well during these amazing times. You are all often in our thoughts and prayers.

It has been good to have ongoing contact with so many of you in recent weeks. Praise God for the internet, where we have been able to stay connected. You will be aware of the financial Aid we have raised through JCM to...

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February update

Posted: 2/27/2020

Hi everyone,
Hope you are all well and have enjoyed a good start to the year.
Next week Cam Parker and Andrew Simkin from Illuminate Church, New Zealand will be flying to India to meet all our LNI members there and also to minister at the inaugural LNI India Conference. Please keep them in your prayers for safe travels and great health. Pleas...

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