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LNI Update


Hi LNi family,
Hope you are all well and enjoying the blessings of the Lord.
It's great to stay in touch with many of you via whatsapp, email and other social media.
There are plenty of ongoing challenges for several leaders and Heather and I pray every day for you all. We are particularly believing 
for health breakthroughs, especially for those of you who have been battling long term illnes.
At the same time, we praise God for all the good things happening in our global LNI Family.  In the past few weeks there have been LNI Conferences in Ghana, Malawi and Zambia.
On the 7th and 8th October Paul Green will be leading an LNI Conference in Mozambique. In November he will be travelling to
Kenya to minister with our LNI leaders. Ps Jacquiline and George Rapando will be hosting him so please contact her if you require details.
Next February Mark Habgood, from Australia, will be speaking at an LNI Conference in Ghana and in March Gary Deetlefs will be ministering
at our LNI Australasian Conference being held in Melbourne.
Praise God for the many leaders in LNI who meet regularly in various countries. It's a blessing to have you in our LNI family. 
Genuine relationships are at the core of who we are so it's a real joy to see many of you connecting across the various countries.
So much communication happens via our whatsapp groups so if you haven't downloaded that app yet let me encourage you to do so ASAP, 
then let me know so we can add you the relevant group(s).
Have a blessed week.
Best wishes,