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LNI Lusaka, Zambia, Conference


Hi LNI Family,
Trust you are all having a blessed week.
I received a report from Kamulile Phiri on the recent LNI Lusaka, Zambia, Conference.
Sounds like they had a great time!

Hi! Trust you are doing well.

What a time we had Friday 4 and Saturday 5 August at the LNI Lusaka conference. It was really “From the Heart”. There were 2 sessions a day (with the exception of Saturday’s Interactive Forum).

Kanyenge kicked it off with the first session on Friday, speaking on “Serving Jesus in This Period” from John 14:15-16. He said this was a season of great challenge, yet great opportunity. He brought out 3 points: 1) Motivation must be love for Jesus and his people; 2) Walk of Obedience; 3) Reliance on the Holy Spirit. There was such a strong emphasis on #3 and a wonderful response in prayer immediately after. The Lord swept through the place.

The second session was taken by Richard Mambwe, with Luke 11:1 as his text and “Building Strong Convictions” the subject head. He built on what KK had started, emphasising prayer and faith. He spoke about having such a strong faith in God no matter the situation. The day ended with more prayer and worship.

Charles Chalimba kicked off day 2 speaking on “8 Relationships that Make Ministry” from 2 Timothy 4. These are: 1) Calling; 2) Sons; 3) Disappointments; 4) Distance; 5) Faithful; 6) Restored; 7) Hurt; 8) Ultimate. Again there was such a presence of the Lord that more time was spent in prayer in response to the Word.

Yours truly took the second session, speaking from 1 Timothy 4:16 on “Take Heed to Yourself and Doctrine” It was a build-up on the Spirit’s power and direction.

The last session was the Interactive Forum, which KK facilitated. Questions were fielded by the speakers, with everyone given an opportunity to throw in their bit. Topics ranged from balancing ministry with family, finances in ministry, discerning the fake, sex (this was a hot one!) and consistency. It was beautiful seeing the guys opening up and being candid. Another great thing was seeing the mix of young and old.

One testimony from a couple in ministry that had been invited, was that they had never encountered such a gathering where there were no classes, everyone was the same. They also said they were blessed by the openness of the guys one to another, and never knew such things obtained. They’ve said they’d like to join and we’ll keep a tab on them.

Ministering with the Holy Spirit really stood out as a main theme. 

Praise God for all he is doing in our LNI Family.