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Update November 2019

Hi LNI Family,
Hope this finds you well and enjoing the blessings and favour of the Lord.
I am continually blessed to hear from so many of you by email, Messenger, whatsapp and other social platforms.
You are all achieving so much in your respective spheres of influence and I am so encouraged by your faithfulness.
I know several are battling ongoing major health issues and we pray that you will experience a mighty healing touch from the Lord.
Many of you have major financial needs and we pray for miraculous provision.
It's good to hear of regular LNI leadership gatherings in many places.
The LNI family is now in 23 countries and we praise God for the continuing growth globally.
Make sure you regularly check out the LNI Web site where you will find information and Teaching Resources.
It appears that some 2019 Annual fees remain unpaid. If this applies to you could you please forward your fees to your Regional / National Coordinators asap.
Let us know if you have special activites / events plannned for the Christmas season so we can all pray for you.
Some LNI Conferences have already been planned for 2020:
March 6 to 7 =  the first LNI Conference in India. Cam Parker from Illuminate church in New Zealand will be the keynote speaker.
March 13 to 15 = LNI Oceania Conference in Melbourne, Australia
August 17 to 19 = LNI East Africa Conference in Bungoma, Kenya.  A team with members from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa will be ministering.
October 2 to 4 = LNI West Africa Conference in Accra, Ghana. Mark Habgood from Australia, and Jacquiline Rapando from Kenya will be keynote speakers.
If any other Conferences are being plannned please let us know so we can keep everyone well informed.
We need to raise major financial support for many of these Conferences and if you are able to help please let us know.
Make sure you donwload the Whatsapp app and join one of the many LNI groups there. 
Please remember these Whatsapp groups are not for sermons, or lengthy reports but serve as a way to keep everyone informed via brief notes.
Have a blessed weekend,
Best wishes,